Why Stories Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Proof on Psychics Being Real

A lot of people today are seeking the assistance of psychics to solve their problems and so you should not feel as though you are alone when you get to this point. The psychic industry has garnered a lot of returns over the years and thus leading to an emergence of conmen and fraudsters looking to rip somebody off and so one ought to be very careful when dealing with anybody who claims to be psychic. It is important to note that these fraudsters are the reason why a lot of people today are questioning the existence of the psychic world. Science has failed to explain a number of incidences over the years thereby raising the question of whether psychics are real or not all over again. Discussed in this article are some of these incidences.

The first story is about a woman who lived in South Beach and was about to lose everything. She was a very long way from home, lost her grandmother and heard of rumours that she was about to lose her job after the closing down of the record company she worked for. With a lot of despair, she sought the assistance of a psychic. The psychic told her not to despair because she would find another job where she would meet her husband to be and thereafter give birth to twins. The man who picked her up to take her to her job interview turned out to be her husband just as the psychic had said. The psychic later came to be right yet again when the woman was told that she was expecting twin girls.

The second story is that of a man who got a reading from a psychic though all he wanted to do was write a story about the psychic here. The man was told that his father wanted to tell his mother, Ruth, that he loved her and to throw away his neckties. This man’s story is very intriguing because nobody can come up with an explanation other than psychics are real since nobody had disclosed the man’s father’s death or his mother’s name or his mother still holding on to his father’s ties before they met for the interview.

This other story is that of a man whose mother believed in psychics and a psychic told him about his first two jobs. The man was told that his first job would require him to travel very far from home and that he would hate it and this came to pass since the man acquired a job as a corporate long driver and he hated it. The man’s second job was also predicted by the psychic since he told the man that his second job would be with an Asian company and that he would travel a lot when working with the company.